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The Sisters of Manzanar by Paul Stuart

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Japanese-American Citizens League and the Pinedale Assembly Center Memorial collaboration in bringing forth the premiere of "The Sisters of Manzanar." This special event is much more than an opera performance. It represents a cause even as great as the building of the Pinedale Assembly Center Memorial.  It is about bringing people together of all faiths and walks of life to celebrate our past and forge our hopes for a peaceful future.  The results of this performance run include the education of thousands of people on the history of the interment, and on the potential of a venue such as opera to keep hope alive for future generations.  Artistic Director Edna Garabedian breathes fresh energy and new perspectives into every work she brings to life.  Those opera works are judiciously chosen, based on their potential to influence the changing face of opera in local and international communities. California Opera works are selected based on socially relevant themes and the opportunity to infuse global institutions of learning with creative approaches to traditional subjects, integrating learning through the arts.  Artistic Director Edna Garabedian asks, rather than what the community can do for opera, “What can opera do for the community?”   The results of the collaboration with local educators on this production culminate in the following essential question we ask of our school children and those attending the performance today: How do we, as citizens, participate in helping to prevent injustices in the world?  Composer Paul Stuart and Director Edna Garabedian help answer that question in bringing forth the premiere of the contemporary 21st century opera this May!   ~ Dr. Diane Nixon, Executive Director of the California Opera Association

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